• Watchout: STEF Convention
  • Video Idents / BNP Innovation
  • Video Idents / BNP Rome 3D
  • Watchout: Visitor Centre Nazareth
  • Crazy Horse stage
    Watchout show preparation for Crazy Horse world tour
  • HR Tech World 2017 Mapping FX
    Watchout 3D Video Projection Mapping Event

Matthew Keane: freelancer specialising in video post-production, motion graphics and live event visuals. Based in Paris, France and working with clients in France, the E.U. and world-wide.

- Video editing, motion graphics and VFX,
- Content creation and video mapping for video-walls and multi-projection,
- Media encoding and preparation (video compression, image optimisation),
- Show design and programming (animation and effect configuration),
- Live show operation for events (including system installation and setup).

Latest News

DisplayBuilder 4.0.6 RenderSurface

Display Builder 4.0.6 Release

Version 4.0.6 of my Display Builder app has been released.

Video FOH for Les Noces de Figaro at Opéra Garnier

Watchout Programming for Opera 'Les Noces de Figaro'

Watchout programming and live operation at Palais Garnier for a new production of the Mozart's 'Les Noces de Figaro'.

Media Server Dongles - Watchout, Disguise, Modulo, Notch

Media Server Dongles - Modulo, Notch, Watchout, Disguise

Dataton Watchout, Disguise Designer, Notch, Modulo Player & Kinetic Designer - my collection of media server dongles keeps growing.

Training Certification - Modulo Kinetic

Advanced Certification - Modulo Kinetic

After a busy week at the CFPTS, with the excellent trainer Florence Pournot, I received my Modulo Kinetic (Level 1 / Advanced) certificate.

Display Builder 4

Display Builder 4.0 Release

Version 4.0.0 of my Display Builder app has been released.

Virtual Studio UV Mapping

Virtual Studio Project with Blender & vMix

Virtual set creation in Blender for vMix live streaming project.

Latest Projects

Modulo Player, Forum Afrique-France 2021

Modulo media-server operator, Forum Afrique-France

Modulo Player media servers and 5x 32k projectors for the opening session of the Forum Afrique-France 2021 in Montpellier.

JLD 2022 vMix & Watchout controls

vMix Video Streaming Projects

Another day, another vMix streaming video project...

Conference motion design and Watchout programming

Motion design and media server programming for a 30 metre projected stage backdrop.

Prisme 2019 previz screenshot

Motion design for a projection mapped conference stage design

Motion design and media server programming for a projection mapped stage design.

Al Janadriyah 2018

Al Janadriyah Festival Opening Ceremony

800m2 of LED panels, 500m2 projection, 400 extras on stage, 21 video feeds, multiple Pyro & Water FX, 3 camels, 1 Watchout operator.

HR Tech World 2017 Mapping FX

Watchout 3D Video Projection Mapping Event

3D video projection mapping for the 2017 "HR Tech World" conference in Amsterdam.