DisplayBuilder 4.0.6 RenderSurface

Display Builder 4.0.6 Release

Version 4.0.6 of my Display Builder app has been released.

February 2022

Video FOH for Les Noces de Figaro at Opéra Garnier

Watchout Programming for Opera 'Les Noces de Figaro'

Watchout programming and live operation at Palais Garnier for a new production of the Mozart's 'Les Noces de Figaro'.

January 2022

Media Server Dongles - Watchout, Disguise, Modulo, Notch

Media Server Dongles - Modulo, Notch, Watchout, Disguise

Dataton Watchout, Disguise Designer, Notch, Modulo Player & Kinetic Designer - my collection of media server dongles keeps growing.

December 2021

Training Certification - Modulo Kinetic

Advanced Certification - Modulo Kinetic

After a busy week at the CFPTS, with the excellent trainer Florence Pournot, I received my Modulo Kinetic (Level 1 / Advanced) certificate.

December 2021

Display Builder 4

Display Builder 4.0 Release

Version 4.0.0 of my Display Builder app has been released.

September 2021

Virtual Studio UV Mapping

Virtual Studio Project with Blender & vMix

Virtual set creation in Blender for vMix live streaming project.

June 2021

Watchout Opéra Garnier

Watchout Programming at Opéra Garnier, Paris

Watchout programming for the ‘Soulier de Satin’ at Opéra Garnier in Paris.

May 2021

Virtual Studio Setup

Hybrid Event with vMix Virtual Studios

2D & 3D graphic creation, including 3D modelling of virtual sets, for a hybrid online event.

September 2020

Display Builder KSA Tulle

Display Builder 3.3 Release

Version 3.3.11 of my Display Builder app has been released. Among the new features are basic support for disguise projector lists and OBJ projection surface objects.

April 2020

FOW disguise d3 designer

3D Projection Mapping in Disguise

Reconstructing an old 3D projection mapping show in Disguise d3.

April 2020

UPW19 Control Desk

Watchout VJ Visuals at London ExCel Centre

A Watchout show with a difference: Sending VJ visuals to LED walls of different sizes and shapes in front of 12000 people at London ExCel Centre.

April 2019

SJMC Vidémus Watchout - mur vidéo

One Billion Watchout Pixels at the SJMC Museum

A record-breaking video installation: 60 Vidémus Watchout players, 77 Datapath FX4, 450 NEC flat screens and 12 BARCO projectors for a total of over one billion pixels.

March 2018