Video Mapping

Modulo Kinetic Video Mapping on Prince's Palace in Monaco

Mediacom Fiefs 2023 Kinetic Mapping

Architectural video mapping with Modulo Kinetic on the Prince's Palace in Monaco for the 2023 Fiefs festival.

For the second year running I was in Monaco to work on the video mapping on the Prince's Palace as part of the annual Fiefs festival. The facade was covered by 6 Christie 30K projectors, which were 2D-mapped using Modulo's X-map function.

Technical team: Mediacom
Video content : Mageo Productions.

May 2023

3D Projection Mapping in Disguise

FOW disguise d3 designer

Reconstructing an old 3D projection mapping show in Disguise d3.

Keeping busy by comparing projection mapping methods after rebuilding the show in d3 Designer. In addition to projecting the bespoke content created for the show, after reconstructing the UV maps in Blender, any content can be projected onto the custom stage in either flat or perspective projection using the different mapping types in Disguise.

April 2020

Weimar Video Mapping Competition Entry 2014

30 second demo clip for the 2014 Genius Loci Weimar video mapping competition.

As part of the International Audiovisual Festival held in Weimar, a competition is held to select 3 works to be projected onto the facades of historical buildings in the city.

The demo video is the result of a collaboration between a friend, and artist, Cécile Combaz, and myself, and is based on the poem “Erlkönig” by Goethe.

See the video and more details on Vimeo:

April 2014

Bank Conference Watchout Show

The bank's annual conference, with all content managed in Watchout, featuring projection mapping onto 3D structures on stage.