Live Events

In addition to permanent installations, I often work on live events, such as conferences, corporate presentations, award ceremonies, product launches and political meetings.

I am often involved in the production stage — creating media content for events — but I also work during the events themselves, either as a media-server operator - using Watchout, Modulo, or Disguise - or directing live camera operations for recordings. 

Hybrid Event with vMix Virtual Studios

Virtual Studio Setup

2D & 3D graphic creation, including 3D modelling of virtual sets, for a hybrid online event. Presenters on a green-screen set in Paris appeared in 3 different virtual set designs during 25 hours of live shows. Audiences in 16 remote locations around France were able to participate via video link.

3D modelling for virtual studios (Blender),
2D graphic content creation (After Effects),
Show programming (vMix),
Live switching operation.

September 2020

Watchout VJ Visuals at London ExCel Centre

UPW19 Control Desk

A Watchout show with a difference: Sending VJ visuals to LED walls of different sizes and shapes in front of 12000 people at London ExCel Centre.

Back at the London ExCel centre for the second year running, with Watchout pushing VJ visuals in a 4K feed to the LED wall at the rear of the stage, as well as 10 HD delay screen feeds. I was also operating the AnalogWay Ascender, switching the feeds to the different screens.

April 2019

Watchout: STEF Convention

After Effects animations, Watchout programming & live operation for the triennial STEF Convention.

Events Watchout Freelancer

Freelance Watchout operator for live events - conferences, corporate presentations, awards ceremonies and political meetings.

Bank Conference Watchout Show

The bank's annual conference, with all content managed in Watchout, featuring projection mapping onto 3D structures on stage.